Installing multiple instances of SQL Server - Do I need to specify a different port?

As part of a SharePoint installation I am going to install a second instance of SQL Server (i.e. one server running 2 instances of SQL Server).

Do I have to do anything special other than specifying the name of the instance?

What about ports? Can both instances share the same port?
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mds-cosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First off, step back and ask yourself "why am I doing this".  A single SQL instance can easily take care of multiple databases and seperate associated security for each.  So you may be creating additional complexity where it does not need to exist.

For the specific answer to your question, no.  Just set the named instance.

Here is a link that discusses the process of named SQL instanaces a bit further.
dmoss123Author Commented:
Sorry, you posted your comments while I was awarding points(i have no more points to give).

Our reasoning is that we do not want to put the SharePoint databases on the same SQL Server instance that runs all of our other databases. However, the box it is running on is set up to use SANs. Our network admin said that setting up another server to use SAN's would be expensive and require fiber optic cabling.

Anyway, we got it set up as a named instance and afterthing is good. Thanks for replying.
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