Stored procedure Cursor loop not iterating

I have a cursor loop within a stored procedure and it does not appear to by iterating.n The original querry returns 4 records but my insert is only inserting onece. So it looks like @BOLFBID is not iterating correctly. Here is my code.

            DECLARE @BOLFBID int      
            DECLARE BOLCursor CURSOR FOR       
                  select distinct FBID from tblbillproducts where bol=@bol

            OPEN BOLCursor
            WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0
                  ---First we will delete all records in the temp table that are associated with this FBID #
                  delete from tbltempbol where FBID=@BOLFBID
                  -- insert into a flat table because there is no way to relate the imagesid up with the correct bol number
                  Insert into tbltempBOL (FBID,POD,UNLOADDATE,CUSTOMERID,BOL,CustomerName,IMageID,ImageTypeID,TypeDescription)
                  Select distinct B.FBID,B.POD,B.UnLoadDate,B.CustomerID,0 As BOL,C.CustomerName,I.ImageID,IT.ImageTypeID,
                  FROM tblBill AS B  
                  inner join tblImages AS I on (B.POD = I.Index1 OR CAST(B.FBID AS NVARCHAR(255)) = I.Index1  AND I.ImageGroupID='FB')
                  inner join tblImageTypes AS IT on (I.ImageTypeID = IT.ImageTypeID)
                  inner join tblCustomers AS C  on(B.CustomerID = C.CustomerID  )
                  inner join tblBillProducts BP on(B.FBID=BP.FBID)
                  where  b.FBID=@BOLFBID


      CLOSE BOLCursor
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Nathan RileyFounderCommented:
This is the only part from the cursor that is affecting the insert, so it is only true one 1 row and now all 4 like before.
where  b.FBID=@BOLFBID

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soccerman777Author Commented:
Actually I did not give you enough code to figure out what the problem was. I had declared @BOL as nvarchar  I did not declare nvarchar(20) like I should have. So when I inputed 90975 it was only seeing 9. But since I put you at disadvantage you get the soultion points.
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