Paid Link / Reciprocal Link Checker & Management Script

Which is the best software or server script to maintain and check a list of sites for incoming links?

We intend to engage in some paid advertising, via web directories that charge for review and inclusion in their listings, and it would be helpful to have an automated script that checks the incoming links are still active on a regular basis.  If there are extra field inputs to enter how much was paid and when it was added etc, these would be considered a bonus.

If you have any other tips and recommendations on marketing a website online, they would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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I'd go for Google analytics me. it tells you plenty of information on referring sites. This will work much better if you were to link with say adwords. as it can tell you basket costs etc.
thyrosAuthor Commented:
Hello ShaneJones,

I think there might be some misunderstanding because I don't see how Analytics or Adwords addresses the original query.

What we are essentially looking for, is a script to check that x, y and z sites are linking to us.  We will be spending a certain amount of our advertising budget on getting listed in paid web directories (not CPC), i.e. similar to DMOZ like Yahoo, BOTW, Aviva, etc and we want to make sure that after we pay for these incoming links, that those links remain live and active, i.e. we are getting what we paid for.

I hope that clarifies the original question, if you have any ideas, let us know, thanks.
Tony McCreathTechnical SEO ConsultantCommented:
Have these directories use a unique url that you can use to track in a tool like google analytics.

A good way is to create campaign flagging urls. Heres google analyitcs url builder:

You can then create a campaign for each account and track lots of info such as clicks and goals
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thyrosAuthor Commented:
Gwkg, it seems you understood the question well.. that does look interesting, but I am not 100% sure it will allow the user to input the websites to check if backlinks are active.  It does check for backlinks though, but I guess I need to contact them to clarify. It is also somewhat pricey, $99-$399.

Something else which I had found in the meantime, is Link Verify:

Essentially, what we are looking for foremost, is a script or software that we can use to enter URL's to check for a backlink, with a cron job to check it regularly, and send us an email or alert if the link goes down.  Having an input to enter how much we paid for the inclusion/review and the date added is a bonus, along with automatic PR checking, for accounting and reference purposes.

If there are more sites and links like those above, please share them, thanks.

p.s. here is another one that looks interesting:
Sends e-mail alert notification if website weblink is not found or removed from the publisher website.
thyrosAuthor Commented:
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