Mgrating from SBS2000 to SBS2003 on a new server

Anyone migrated from Windows SBS 2000 to a new server with windows 2003 sbs on the same network?   Could someone direct me to the right information page?   Thank you.
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There are a lot of posts on internet if your use google search. This is an official link from Microsoft.

More helpful links :-

However, I would recommend you use SWINGIT to do the trick. It takes care of all the hazzles of transfering user accounts/exchange mailboxes etc. It is considered as one of the best tool developed for SBS Migration.

Have a look here :-

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jojusebAuthor Commented:
Great, thank you.   I am now on to some reading.    Thanks again.
jojusebAuthor Commented:
For some reason I did not get any overwhelming response to my request but i managed to do the migration.   For the benefit of uses of this bulletin board I will post my findings.   EE has helped me few times in the past and I believe owe this community.   Couple of pointers.

This post applies to you if you are migrating from server 1 running SBS 2000  to SBS 2003 on server 2.

1.   Download and use ADMT version 3.0 for the migration.  Tool can be downloaded from the MSFT download site.

2.  Build a trust relation between server 1 and 2 by adding each others IP address in the secondary DNS.   You have to disconnect the router from the outside world.

3.   Try to use the tool to migrate Active Directory, Policies etc

4.  You can use the tool to migrate email messages as long as the individual mailbox size is less than 2GB.   If size of a single mailbox is greater than 2GB, download, install and run the EXMERGE tool from MSFT download site.   MSFT will charge you $225 during normal hours and $550 during off hours.  I rather maintain EE membership and add to this knowlege base.

5.  LOGIN.CMDs should be manually copied if you have different login scripts for different users.    The settings on the profile and login script did not get migrated using the tool.   It is a pain if you have more than 25 users on the network.   I am not sure whether I did something wrong or the migration tool does not support this feature.

6.  Never try to copy files using XCOPY.   I did that and found that not all files in all the directories got copied across.  I used the full backup took prior to migration and restored it to the new server to fix that problem.

Folks, I might have missed something out but ask me if you run in to any such issues and I will glad to share my notes.  

Go EE.
Glad to know you have done the migration successfully. May be the reason why you didn't get overwhelming response was because I covered all angles? :)

By the way, its always BEST to restore from a clean backup than copy data. Xcopy is ok but Robocopy is much better, which handles all the permission settings too. Anyway I still think SwingIT is the best migration method, unless you know what you are doing and want some challenges....:)
jojusebAuthor Commented:
Hey ormerodrutter - sorry - you did respond and credit should go to you.   I tell you why?   The document you referred did have the roadmap to follow.   It did not say anything about EXMERGE for email migration but other EE postings suggested this and that was the correct route.   Monitors, please credit ormerodrutter for the accepted solution. THanks.
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