Should I use my own nameserver?

I just bought a domain name and I will host website by myself. I know that I can use their nameserver and edit the A record there to point to my IP. But I am wondering that if I should setup my nameserver instead of using theirs. Is there any advantage of setting my? or there is no difference? And why some big company using their own nameserver instead of the domain name provider's?
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You need to register your domain name on a server anyway, even if you do your own, you will have to tell a central server about your domain name. If you DNS fails, you have to fix it quickly, whereas the bigger ones will have fail-overs and a lot more resources to throw at failures than you will possibly.
I agree, unless you are big enough to handle disaster recovery failovers, let them handle it.

I hope this helps !
HI yah leegclystvale is quite true

To have a name server, you will need 2 pc with 2 public ip. so if one goes down then still public request will get information about your domain from another server.

so you will have to think about the cost running 2 server always, with Un interrupted  power supply, need to have AC to cool your server other wise it might go bad , you need good experience to fix if there is any problem.

so it best to calculate cost of running own server and how much you are paying to web hosting company for hosting your web site

hope it will help

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wuitsungAuthor Commented:
"You need to register your domain name on a server anyway, even if you do your own" ?

When I register the domain name, by default it's using their nameserver.
1) What do I have to register?
2) Regardless failure, what is the advantage if I use my own nameserver?
You have to tell a DNS server where your DNS server is. These SERVERS host masses of records for domains and even have there own forwarders for names it does't know to another central DNS server.
There's no advantage at all!
Look at DYNDNS. You can update your own record when you like. You can check it if you have problems with your site and need to rule out a DNS issue. There are lots of name hosting sites out there. DYNDNS is a big name.
Hope that helps
hahaahhahaha, i realy not seeing any profit to have own name server!!! if you deal with too many domains then it might be help, . other people might have different view.

after registering the domain, you need to change the name server to your public ip

and i think you will have to have 2 ip [2 nameserver ] to change the name server configuration . if you dont have 2 name server, some domain company will not allow you to change nameserver
yes if you dont have public ip, then you will have to go for DynDns, but i belive you have public ip is not it ??
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
I don't know we are talking about DYNDNS here...... I have static ip...
Since leegclystvale was saying I need to register my domain name on a server... I don't get it...

After I register my domain name, if I am hosting my website, I can just simply edit the A record there (I am not taking about using my name server here) to point to my static ip.

So what do I have to register???
No you didnot understand

You have web server

and you have name server its 2 different things

when you Edit A record and you are specifiying your public ip, so its going to to web server .

now if you want to have name server. in domain control panel , there would be an options that you would be able to change name server from domain  company to your public ip

so suppose your name server is and

you need to create a host record for that first. you need to register your name server from domain control pantel. its say host record. when you will create the host record with your public ip, then when any one will try to ping

like this , ping   : it will go to your one public ip.
and it will go to your another public ip..

then you will have to change the name server of your domain

so bottom line is : Create Host record for your name server. then change the nameserver .

more explanation :

you will have to tell the world that, your nameserver has this IP suppose  =  =

how you will tel that ?? you need to create the host record for that , you would be able to create host record from
domain control panel, there should be an options

wuitsungAuthor Commented:
Thanx fosiul01!! But if I am not going to use my own nameserver, there is nothing I need to register right?

I just simply edit the A records to map to my IP. right?
Ok, you have a domain name and you have an ip address
When I type how does it get to your server?
The answer is, the request goes to my ISP DNS server. The server will look at it's records and will say, I don't know where that is, so it will forward the request to one of it's forwarding servers if it can't find the address. The forwarding server will have a look in it's records and if unknown will again forward it to one of it's forwarding servers. It may go straight to the route of .com and ask where is mywebsite.123. It will say "i don't know, but I do know where 123 is, so will forward the request to that DNS server. 123 dns server will know where mywebsite is because it hosts the record for The record will show that this domain name is mapped to which is your ip address.
it will hit your router and your router will forward the request to your website.
I'd let the company who regsitered the domain use their servers to host your records. It's much easier.....
hope that helps more
yes, for one domain, its not worth to have name server

just change the A record to your webserver thats all.

for that you don't need to create a host record or anything.

good luck
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
Yes leegclystvale. So now I just want to do what you said "let the company who regsitered the domain use their servers to host your records".
So in this case, there is nothing I need to register and I just need to edit the A record there to point to my static ip correct?
yap your are right. just change the A record. Concentrate on web server!!
Yes. Happy webservering :o) Sorry for my ramble!!
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
Thank you!! What's the domin name company everyone use here? I purchased my 2 domain names from 2 different companies. One is Netfirm and the other one is godaddy...

but it seems that with Godaddy, I cannot use their nameserver i I don't host my website there.... But Netfirm seems fine
Every domain company will allow to use their name server!!! are you sure that godaddy dont allow ??

i use fast host, 123 Reg.
i just checked godaddy web site, its saying every domain come with Parked Page  options
that mean, they will allow to use their name server for your domain
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
thank you very much. I will check it out.
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
I just called Godaddy and they told me that if I don't host my website there I cannot use their nameserver.... too bad
then what they meant by parking domain free ??
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
yes, you can park your website there for free, but you are not able to use their name server when you are hosting website by your own.
wuitsungAuthor Commented:
Just a update. I emailed Godaddy support and I finally figured out how to use their name server. I don't why the other technical support person told me I am not allowed.
yes that why i told you, every domain selling company will have to allow use their name server,

anyway good luck.
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