Wanting to have internet access go through server 2003 DC

I recently setup a Server 2003 DC so taht all internet computers will have to authenticate.
I know that I can plug the back bone line form DSL into the server however how can I run my wireless network and force authentication via wireless access? How would I configure the router?

Option #1 DSL>router/firewall>DC>switch

Option #2 DSL>DC>router/firewall>switch or direct to computers off extra ports.
This option leaves my DC suceptible to being attacked, correct?
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Not really sure about the question.... are you running the DSL direct into the server, or thru some kind of firewall device first?  Does your DC have 2 or more NICS?

When you say you want wireless authent, do you mean before obtaining an IP, or being able to grab an IP , but unable to do anything without authent'ng to the DC?

I could do up a real quick layout, if that helps....
manelson05Author Commented:
Right now I have the dsl going into a router then the router plugs into the DC.
I have an extra nic I could plug into the DC as well.

For the wireless I would like for my wife to be able to login to the doamin before she can get internet access, this will also allow her to save data on a shared drive on a network server. Right now the wireless router assigns an ip via dhcp but I would liek for the DC to run dhcp I was goign to setupa  small scoep for this.

A layout would be helpful, thank you!
Later tonight I have to re-install visio for diagram.
try this.  ( only 1 nic in server req'd) remember the addresses are arbitrary....

Disable DHCP on router.  Hard code Router to - make sure you are getting a valid IP from you ISP.
Hardcode server for
make scope on Server for 10(?) addresses
scope options include addresses ( DNS ( address of server - and gateway ( address of router -
also, depending on the model of wireless router, an undocumented feature of many of them used to be that if you plug the LAN cable into a certain port ( 4 or last port) they basically just become an extension of the LAN subnet.  ie they just give out , or allow the DHCP to work across the wireless....
that should do it.  I have an identical small network at home for my wife as well.  When she logs in, a script runs to establish network drives, printers, etc.....

Good Luck

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