Need PHP code for calculating subnets

Hi all,

I'm looking for a PHP script to calculate subnets.
User needs to provide IP address and subnetmask and press the Send-button.

The script must display the network adress, broadcast address and the hostrange for that IP-address...

Can anyone help pls?

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Previous poster probably already solved the problem better, but I felt intriqued to try this, results included as a snippet :)
function zerofill($val,$len,$reverse = false){
			$val .= "0";
			$val = "0".$val;
	return $val;
function hextoip($hex){
		@$ip .= base_convert(substr($hex,$i*2,2),16,10).".";
	$ip = substr($ip,0,-1);
	return $ip;
function iptohex($ip){
	$iparr = explode(".",$ip);
	foreach($iparr as $i => $group){
		@$hex .= zerofill(base_convert($group,10,16),2);
	return $hex;
function hextobin($hex){
	$bin = zerofill(base_convert($hex,16,2),32);
	return $bin;
function bintohex($bin) {
	$hex = zerofill(base_convert($bin,2,16),8);
	return $hex;
function getnet($ip, $netmask){
	$iphex = iptohex($ip);
	$netbin = hextobin($iphex);
	$maskhex = iptohex($netmask);
	$maskbin = hextobin($maskhex);
	$hostbits = substr($maskbin,strpos($maskbin,"0"));
	$netbits = substr($maskbin,0,strpos($maskbin,"0"));
	$nethex = bintohex(zerofill(substr($netbin,0,strlen($netbits)),32,true));
	$hosts = pow(2,strlen($hostbits));
	$available_hosts = $hosts-3;
	$net["ip"] = $ip;
	$net["mask"] = $netmask;
	$net["network"] = hextoip($nethex);
	$net["netstr"] = $net["network"]."/".strlen($netbits);
	$net["hosts"] = $available_hosts;
	$net["firstip"] = hextoip(zerofill(base_convert(base_convert($nethex,16,10)+1,10,16),8));
	$net["lastip"] = hextoip(zerofill(base_convert(base_convert($nethex,16,10)+$available_hosts+1,10,16),8));
	$net["broadcast"] = hextoip(zerofill(base_convert(base_convert($nethex,16,10)+$available_hosts+2,10,16),8));
	return $net;
<form method="get">
<input type="text" maxlength="15" name="ip" value="<?=@$_GET["ip"]?>" /> IP or network address <br />
<input type="text" maxlength="15" name="mask" value="<?=@$_GET["mask"]?>" /> Subnet mask <br />
<input type="submit" value="Show network information" />
if(!empty($_GET["ip"]) && !empty($_GET["mask"])){
	$net = getnet($_GET["ip"],$_GET["mask"]);
	echo "<pre>";

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Pit76Author Commented:
thx. Can you explain to me how you separate the numbers with th"."?
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Um, I'm not sure if I get what you mean, but here's the basic idea:

The blocks of an IP address are converted to one hexadecimal number ( becomes c0a80001). This hexadecimal number is used in calculating the start and end of the ranges and is later converted back to decimal form, two characters at a time, at which point dots are added to separate the blocks.

Has this anything to do with what you meant?
Also, line 48 should actually be fixed to

$available_hosts = $hosts-2;

to get the correct number of available hosts per network.
And making the previous change also requires changes to lines 56 and 57:

$net["lastip"] = hextoip(zerofill(base_convert(base_convert($nethex,16,10)+$available_hosts,10,16),8));
$net["broadcast"] = hextoip(zerofill(base_convert(base_convert($nethex,16,10)+$available_hosts+1,10,16),8));
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