Acer reinstall using recovery disc error

I had to replace a motherboard in an Acer AM1100 desktop and used the system recovery disc to reinstall windows vista basic and I get this error "Load INT15 driver error at X:int15.sys" and I continue but the OS will not load. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I just had  a simialar situtation with an HP.  It specified not to inturupt the process while rebuilding itself, and it advised me that it would take 3-6 HOURS ?...... so when it was doing a reboot, I unplugged it, and brought it home to work on.  It then went into this powerup - reboot cycle ( it seemed like it was doing something, so I let it continure for 3 + hours ) and I went to bed up the next am and sure enough, it was still in that cycle.....
so I started over again, and this time it worked....I totally left it alone...
I guess my question to you is, did you do anything to interupt the process once the rebuild started ??
Did you replace the board with the same model board? If you put in a different board you are probably getting this message because the SATA/IDE driver included with the restore does not match what you are using. If that is the case, you will not be able to use that recovery disk at all.

You can buy a Vista anytime upgrade disk *(usually $5-10), and reinstall from scratch using that. There are 2 major caveats with that approach though:

You will not have the introductory programs included with the machine, as well as the device drivers (you will have to download these manually from the Acer site).

Also, you will need to activate your windows somehow. Your key on the chassis probably won't work during the install, so you'll have to install using no key. Once you are installed you will need to call Microsoft, explain your case, and give them the key on the system chassis. They should be able to "turn on" your key, so you will be able to activate your installation. BUT, they might say because you aren't using the same motherboard anymore, that your OEM license is invalid - in which case you need to buy another copy of vista. It's really lame that your windows license breaks when your hardware breaks, but what can you do.... Let me know if you have more questions/need more help!

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GregDSelwahAuthor Commented:
No didn't interrupt the process and have tried it over and over again to see if it was an anomaly.

alikaz3: I kinda figured that may be the problem with the drivers on the install disc looking for hardware that's been changed. The motherboard is not the same so I guess I have to spring for a  copy of windows to reinstall. which I think is BS. I don't know why these machines don't come with a copy of windows that was preloaded on them!

I just wanted to know if there was/is any way around this error. I'll wait a few days and see if anyone else has anything to add. Thanks for the replies so far!
Well thats the thing, MS usually allows one hardware change (at least they did with XP) due to hardware failure. I would definitely try to call them and see if re-activation is a possibility. In that case you just need to get your hands on any Vista 32-bit disc, and install the corresponding edition.

And if you do have to end up buying windows, you could buy XP instead - if you prefer. Just make sure your model has XP drivers available before purchasing!
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