Backup Strategy

Dear All
what is the pros and cons for the following backup strategy

1- Daily Full backup
2- Full +Differential
3- Full + Incremental
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It's just the time really. Doing a full backup will take longer (but be easier to restore if you needed to) as it backs up everything. The other two backup items that have changed only so are quicker.
...and storage space for the same reason, if that is important to you.
At the end of the day, you have to define how important it is to allow for a full recovery, and how long that should take.  I have always preferred full backups, but it is a philosophical question past the time frame criteria mentioned least you are doing them.

Also, always assume worst case scenario... and test your backups periodically to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to.  Don't trust anything.

I typically only back up data,  not OS's or programs.... I assume that bad info is sometimes backed up with the good, ( regsitry keys , etc ) so I assume on a failure of a server, that I will be reinstalling the OS and programs, and then restore the data from there.  This works for me, but I only have 1 DC .  This obviously would change if the environment was bigger or more complex.
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some standards if it works in your enviroment
Weekly full on weekend, and either incremental or differential on weekdays depending on how big a backup window you have

Disk to disk is replacing tape in many cases, but you still need an offsite backup so disk to disk to tape is being used.

I hope this helps !
mfawzy777Author Commented:
Dear Gents

any body can enlighten me with the difference between incremental and differtertial ?
Differential backs up any file changed since the last full backup. Incremental backs up any file changed since the last full OR incremental OR differential backup.
mfawzy777Author Commented:
so which one to choose the incremental or differnetial and why ?
OK, if you ever need to restore from back up...
Differential, you would restore the Full backup plus the latest Differential
Incremental you would restore the Full backup plus each Incremental, in order, since the Full backup so it would take longer.
But Incremental backups take less time to actually backup in the first place as they only backup the files changed since the last one.

It's a personal choice depending on situation. Personally, as a home user, I just do Full backups overnight once every couple of weeks or so. But in a Corporate environment, daily backups may be more appropriate and I would probably go for Incremental, else otherwise Differential could get quite large and slow. With a Full backup weekly on a Sunday night perhaps.
All Backups can be scheduled incidentally. Hope this helps.

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There is another strategy too - Drive Cloning using another hard drive. This emphasizes the trade-off even more between Backup time and Restore time as it takes ages to do the cloning but allows for instant restore if a Hard Drive fails, you just swap the drive. I have used this on my home system but there are potential problems with this method so it's not the recommended corporate method.
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