Odd network/folder sharing problem

I had a guy come to me today saying only some of his offline files were showing up in his laptop. I noticed he only had 3gbs free on the c drive and the folder he was trying to sync was 2.3gb. I resized the partition. I read that there were some issues with syncing file greater than 2gb. I moved one of the 600mb folders out of the sync folder. Did not work.

As I looked into it more I noticed something weird. I can view his files on the network via the mapped drive however, I cannot browse to the folder in network places or by typing the path in the browser. I double check AD and he's fine there. I did add a new file to the mapped drive and it showed up on the server side. Any suggestions?
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silver1386Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No, it doesn't appear to be syncing. When I click on the folder to sync it says success very quickly. I deleted the old sync files off his pc and the same thing still happens. He is using the same user name, but I will try logging in with another account and test it as well as changing the password.
Is the server he is syncing from listed in network places?
Is he mapped to the drive using an alternate username?
Did his domain password expire while he was working remotely?  If so, have him login with his machine plugged into the local office network.
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