37-pin SCSI Printer Card?

I have a printer here (technically an engraver) which connects to a PC using a 37-pin scsi controller card.

I'm trying to put together a spare system in case this one goes down but I'm having trouble sourcing such a card, since it's VERY legacy.

Is there any place where I might find something like that or does anyone have alternative advice, such as a converter or something similar? (there are no USB/Serial etc. ports on the printer, just a 37-pin female port
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alikaz3Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Looks like 37-pin serial (RS-449) - not SCSI

And I looked at serial cards, all the ones with your DB37 port are multiple head cards (like 4 serial ports or 8 ports). So I would say you could try a card like this:

But I definitely can't say for sure that will work. More than likely that card came with the engraver, and there's a good possibility that it's proprietary. You could try contacting the engraver manufacturer...

deltex141Author Commented:
It turned out to be in fact a proriotery card, thanks!
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