How do I fix a 1406 error

I have the discs for works suite 2003.  I have successfully intstalled this software in the past without a problem, however, I cannot get word 2002 to successfully install at this time.  I am getting error 1406:  Setup cannot write the value to the registry key: \clsid\(13DE4A42-8D21-4C8E-BF9C-8F69CB068FCA)  Verify thayou have sufficient permissions to access registry or contact microsoft product support services for assistance.  I have right clicked on setup and clicked run as administrator without any resolution.  Please provide a solution.  Thanks!
PS  I have VIsta Home Premium
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Try the installation with your Anti-Virus disabled. If that won't do:
2. Open the registry editor, browse to the key specified, right-click, select Permissions, adjust them for your username.
3. If still no good, check this KB article:
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