Removing DC from active directory

I am trying to remove a dc from a 2003 active directory domain. I have 2 dc's in my domain and I need to remove one of them. I have installed VMWARE ESX server on one of my boxes that had my domain controller on and I have reinstalled Windows server 2003 with the same ip address and dns name as the old dc. I did not demote the DC before installing the ESX server so it is currenty still in active directory. I have found a procedure at that shows how to remove the inactive dc from the domain. The question that I have is do I need to do anything special before I promote this box as a DC in my domain. When I tried before it give me an error that is could not join the domain because the user already existed (Like I said before I am using the same dns name as old server and it is still in AD). Also this box was a DNS server for AD so I assume I need to remvoe it there also. I probably could rename the computer and everything work out ok but I didnt know if this would cause problems in Ad down the road.
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RUn through that link first to removed the old machine - then you can dcpromo the new machine with the same name if you wish.
Wow I am a little lost. The safest way to add and remove a DC from the AD is with dcpromo. ARe you saying the one DC that you are trying to remove crashed and burned before you could demote it? Are you using dcpromo to add the new DC and is the DNS address on that DC pointing to the schema master?
phil435Author Commented:
Do I need to turn off my reinstalled machine before removing??
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

If the new server waiting has the same name - change the server name temporarily

Run through the link
Change server name back to whatever you want

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phil435Author Commented:
to jimbecher. Kinda on the domain crash and burn. When I installed VMWARE it deleted to partition that had windows server on it so it is gone. I did not have a chance to demote this server. I do have the reinstalled server pointing to the schema master in dns address.
Try dcpromo to demote it, change the name then dcpromo to promote it.
Whoa!  What in the world were you thinking when you did this?

You can't dcpromo the old one out, it's disappeared.  Permanently.

You'll need to run ntdsutil as specified in that link, then you'll need to delete it from sites/services.

Rename the new server you built to something else, and change the IP address (you can change these back later if you want).

You'll need to delete EVERY reference to that old DC in DNS.  In _msdcs, _tcp, _pdc, _sites, _udp, and anywhere else.  Also remove it from the name servers tab, and remove it from any forwarders.

Check your other DC(s) to see where they think the FSMO Roles are.  If that DC that you whacked had any of the FSMO roles, you'll need to sieze them.  Use this KB article to do that

You definitely need to clean this up, otherwise it WILL Cause issues down the road.  ESPECIALLY if you intend to use the same server name.  Even after you clean this up, you could run into issues with SYSVOL and some other stuff by using the same server name.  My personal recommendation would be to clean this up, and then dcpromo the new server with a new name and a new IP.

Then think about what else you may have lost.  Did that DC host DHCP?  WINS?  These things will also cause you headache if you don't replace them...

Best of luck.  I'll bet you don't ever make that mistake again..

phil435Author Commented:
Thanks! worked great
I have same sort of issue but in my case i have joined a company recently and after my checking the AD DNS and DHCP i found millions of errors out of which is one like the above they had 2 DC which are nomore anywhere but still ADS1 & ADS2 are trying replicate and bla bla to them and throwing lots of error I hope God be with me in solving the said issues and if you guys have some say on it please do and advice..thanks
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