Federation of Nodes in WAS

How to federate two nodes on same system and on network thru command prompt,wsadmiin,console
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HonorGodConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
1. The deployment manager needs to be up and running.
2. The stand-alone (unmanaged) application server can be running,
    but doesn't have to be.  If it is, it will be stopped by this process.
3. Open a command prompt, and "cd" to the unmanaged AppServer
    profile "bin" directory.  For example:

    cd c:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv00\bin

4. Execute the addNode command script (i.e., addNode.bat, or ./addNode.sh)

    If you specify no parameters, the following help is displayed:
Usage: addNode dmgr_host [dmgr_port] [-conntype <type>] [-includeapps]
           [-includebuses] [-startingport <portnumber>] [-portprops
           <qualified-filename>] [-nodeagentshortname <name>] [-nodegroupname
           <name>] [-registerservice] [-serviceusername <name>]
           [-servicepassword <password>] [-coregroupname <name>] [-noagent]
           [-statusport <port>] [-quiet] [-nowait] [-logfile <filename>]
           [-replacelog] [-trace] [-username <username>] [-password <pwd>]
           [-localusername <localusername>] [-localpassword <localpassword>]
           [-profileName <profile>] [-help]
    Execute the command, and specify (as a minimum):

    The dmgr hostname (e.g., localhost)
    If the dmgr is using a non-standard port, that too will need to be specified
    If a connection type other than SOAP needs to be used, specify/identify it
    If you want the deployed applications to be included in the Cell, add the
    "-includeapps" option.  Note, if the applications already exist in the Cell
    (e.g., on another application server), then they won't be included, since
    doing so would make a request for this application ambiguous in the cell.

Good Luck.
if the deployment manager and the profiles are on different machines, make sure that you check the cloc.the time difference cannot be more than 5 mins if not the federation will fail.

For example:

If machine 1 is central time 9:00AM and machine 2 is Eastertime 10:00AM thats ok. bit it cant be machine 1 is central time 9:00AM and machine 2 is Eastertime 10:06AM

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