I/O Error on ESX server (linux)

Where I work we have a series of virtual servers running on 4 ESX servers (v3.5). The servers were left unattended for 5 days and when we (the server administrators) came back in today, we noticed that one of the servers was no longer in our data center. We can still access the 3 VMs on the server, but have shut 2 down to save resources while we figure out how we are going to merge the other onto our other ESX servers. The remaining one is our forest primary DC.

While we were investigating the issue, we found that there was a bad sector on sd(8,2). What we are trying to figure out is if sd(8,2) is one of the HDDs or if it is related to our RAID controller.
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A bad sector is physical damage to the harddisk - a part of it that can no longer be reliably used.

I suggest you replace it A.S.A.P before another drive fails.

This should explain better:

minthor11Author Commented:
well our theory was that since we have it set up for RAID 1 mirroring, the other HDD should have taken over if one of the disks fail. It doesnt make since that both HDDs failed at the same time on the same sector.  Also, with the limited experience with linux that i have the drives are all listed as sda, sdb, sdc, etc. and the partitions are listed as a number following the sda, sdb (ie sda2 od sdb1). I've never seen sd(8,2) before and as such i dont know which HDD has gone bad.
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Was the error on a virtual machine or the host?  I would run the dell openmange agents on the ESX Server to get more data if possible
sd(8,2) is a (LUN,Partition #)

(SCSI numbering)

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At a guess I'd say sdb
sorry my bad, sda, since LUN 7 is usually the controller.
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