Problems with high CPU, w3wp.exe and WSUS

Installed WSUS 3.0 SP1 on Win 2003 SP2 about a week ago, now I'm getting high CPU from w3wp.exe, how can i fix that?

Thank you
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sk_raja_rajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First run windows updates and install all latest patches on the wsus server, it should be fine
Also go the synchronization wizard on the wsus and change the sync schedule like once in a day
did you try to stop with windows updates services and see if still cpu spikes ?
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
server is 100% up to date, sync is set to once a day, when I do iisreset, the process goes down but then it comes back sooner or later
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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What .Net are you using? You might consider updating.

piotrmikula108Author Commented:
I use ASP .Net v2.0.50727 but this error looks like is related to WSUS I use on that server, the article talks about editing code, I don't think I can apply it here,
ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a long list of folks that had the same problem, (most caused by McAfee buffer overflow protection).
ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another thing to consider is .NET 3.5 for IIS6.0. I am using that on my WSUS server and don't seem to have the same issues with McAfee Buffer Overflow.
Praveen DMConnect With a Mentor Infra Team LeadCommented:

Open CMd prompt and Taskmanager side by side.

1. Goto CMD propmt and type this line without quotes.


You will get list of process and the application names in cmd....
2. Goto taskmanager and see the PID of the w3wp.exe which is consuming more memory.

Now track the PID and the from task manager and compare it with the application pool listed in CMD prompt.

I hope you could have tracked the site by now if all sites use seperate application pool if not try to identify the site that uses media files ,  and also check if any CF sites are spiking...
piotrmikula108Author Commented:
it all points to WSUS app pool
w3wp.exe PID; 1304 ApppPoolid: WsusPool

In IIS, when edit properties for that app pool I some options to chose, Recycling, Performance  and Health seem that could help to curb the process when it goes up. Under Performance i set Enable CPU Monitoring - maximum CPU usage and set it to 50%, that seems to help a bit. The process spikes only when I run report in WSUS
Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
Please check   -- windowsupdate.log   , And let us know the latest patch ( Patch number/name) updated  so that we can see if there is any hot fix released by MS or not..
1)  Disable all Anti-Virus services, updaters, etc

2) Repair .NET Framework 2.0

I had the same problem, with the CPU spiking to 100%, W3WP.exe and sqlserver.exe hogged everything... repairing .NET Framework 2.0 solved the issue, and ASP .Net v2.0.50727 "warnings" stopped occuring.
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