Adobe Acrobat: No PDF file was created because Acrobat encountered an unidentified error

When I try to create a pdf file from a file or multiple files in Acrobat I get the following error:
Error (file skipped)". The Status will say "PDF conversion process failed, please correct the error and retry."

Afterwards I get an error of

"No PDF file was created because Acrobat encountered an unidentified error.

I've uninstalled acrobat and reinstalled it with all updates to no avail.  Has anyone ever had this problem?  I'm using office 2007 but the documents are the 97-2003 compatible.
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EvoDriverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Probable Solution:  (this worked for me with word 2003 and vista 64)

go to control panel, printers

edit the properties on the PDF Printer

two settings must be set for this to work properly

1. under the ports tab, adobe pdf cannot be set to lpt1 or com1 or some such port
it must be set to  Documents\*.pdf  (near the bottom of the list of ports)
2. under the advanced tab, dont set spooling. click the little radio button next to "Print Directly to Printer"

that fixed the problem for me
good luck
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