Hello Guys,
I`ve got strange problem, after installation of UniDAC 1.20 Unicode for Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio 2007, I can`t compile my app. I receive such Exception while compilaton as you can see on the picture.
I have no idea what can cause such behaviour.
Please help me.
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it seem that your application can not find out the bpl library files used for unidac which are dac105.bpl and unidac105.bpl. Check whether these files exists in your machine. Probably they are since you have installed. Then add the path to the library path under Tools/Options/Delphi Options/Library Win32/Library Path
or copy the files under rad studio lib folder.
VaalarAuthor Commented:
Hey tigin,
The lib path is ok as you can see on the scr.
It seems that it`s another problem.
If you have other idea let me know.

go to Project Options/Packages/ there will be a checkbox named "build with runtime packages". Check it and then try to compile
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VaalarAuthor Commented:
If i check the "build with runtime packages" the compilation goes ok but after it my app isn`t starting. If I start the app after such compilaton using the exe file it shows me the same exception dialog
did you try to reinstall the componenet?
VaalarAuthor Commented:
yes several times, i have also installed other unidev components to check it but it`s always the same problem.
as I understand you get the error messages while your application starting... Can your db connection dll files be corrupt. Check can you connect to the db by means of other ways, oledb, odbc, etc.
VaalarAuthor Commented:
If i delete Uni from uses section it`s ok.
I have check it another way. I have created a new project and put there a uniconnection and query. Everything works fine.
I have no idea what can be wrong with my app.
VaalarAuthor Commented:
here is the uses section maybe it will help:
  Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,
  Dialogs, StdCtrls, DB, Grids, DBGrids, Uni, DBAccess, MemDS, ExtCtrls, jpeg,DateUtils,
  ComCtrls, Menus, RpBase, RpSystem, RpDefine, RpRave, RpCon, RpConDS, RvDLADO,Math,
  CPortCtl, CPort, Mask, DBCtrls, RpRender, RpRenderPDF, Rvcsstd, RvCsData,
  RpConBDE, XPMan, ToolWin, ImgList,INIFiles, StrUtils, rxPlacemnt,scExcelExport;
Dagan HooverDeveloperCommented:
Put dac105.bpl and unidac105.bpl in the same folder as the project exe.
So then...
Place a new uniconnection object to your project. set parameters and try to connect at design time. If its ok then change the connection of the uni componenets to the new connection object and remove the old uni connection from your application and compile it.. Hope this works
VaalarAuthor Commented:
ThievingSix I`ve made it earlier and it changed nothing.
tigin44 - If I put Uni into uses without any component the situation is the same.
I think that Uni module makes some kind of conflict with other uses module. I will try to find it.  
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
When i use Odac (it's a commercial release) the checkbox "build with runtime packages" is off
The .bpl of my Odac are in the Windows/Sytem32 directory

I'm assuming it should be the same for UniDac

Reading all the comments i beleive the compiler/exe can't find the bpl files
or the trial has a bug :<
VaalarAuthor Commented:
Ok Guys,
DevArt gave me some test app and It has solved my problem.
It was connected with loading bpl files.
I`m closing question

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