Secondary email address cannot recieve emails - Exchange 2003 on SBS

Recently we had an employee of ours get married and adopt a new last name. I went through today and change the name / logon name / email address / etc for her. New email address and logon work just fine, but I am unable to send emails to her old email address. Under the user properties -> email addresses, I see her old email address as well as her new one. is the default, and works great. Whenever I send an email to it just bounces back saying that the email address is invalid. Any help would be appreciated.
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Delete the old email address wait five min. then readd the old email address again.
* Do you receive invalid email address error only when you are trying to send out email from external domain or is it the case with internal emails as well?
* As suggested by Tenaj above, you could delete the old email address and add it back after some time. However you could even delete any entries for X.400 and X.500 (If any) and un-check the check box in the Email Addresses tab with regards to the Recipient Policy>> Wait for a while>>Add the Old email address back as a Secondary Email Address>>Check the check box>>Apply>>Ok

Wait for few minutes and then try sending out an email to the old email address.

Let us know if this doesn't help.


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Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
I'll let it sit overnight, and test it in the morning. Thanks for the suggestions. I should have figured slow Microsoft propagation.
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Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
Still not working.
Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
After some more testing, I can send mail to that address for an external email address. When I use my internal email address however, it fails to send it saying the address is unknown.
Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
Ok. I figured it out. I forced the update on Recepient Update Policy. The current address book was cached and still trying to send it to the old configuration. After the update, it sent just fine.

Just FYI

Internally, are must send out the email by typing the complete email address and not by resolving the name.

Jerrod_WAuthor Commented:
Your first suggestion set me in the right direction. Thanks Ash
Glad to know that.

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