BSOD when trying to RDP to the BSOD'ing machine

Machine will blue screen when you try and remote desktop to it - i've tried from multiple machines

I will attach the dump analysis, please help find the issue whether its hardware or software related I really do not want to reinstall windows
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Jeff BrownConnect With a Mentor Global Helpdesk SupervisorCommented:
Likely its a software issue.  RDP relies heavily on video hooks.  I would first ensure that 3rd party  remote access software is not installed (ultra vnc,webx,gotomypc, various others) they can in some instances cause problems with one another (not often).  Next reinstall your video driver on the machine that crashes  and also reinstall directx on the machine that crashes and try again.   You can also disable shaing  local drives and printers to help with this issue as well.

Try updating your Intel video drivers:

If that doesn't do it, please check the following thread for a variety of methods to counter the issue:
You can also try upgrading or reinstalling Terminal Services on that client machine.

The two suggestions of video drivers or third party RDP software are also great suggestions to look into
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From your minidump the ialmnt5.sys driver seems to be the problem.

The resolution seems to be well covered above and an updated video card driver may well resolve it, however, if that doesn't work you may find saved backup copies of ialmnt5.sys in one of the following folders:


As stated below, make sure that you find the correct version of the driver. Its likely that there are several versions in one or both of those folders.
In this article you'll also see a number of useful comments, and also the fact that the ialmnt5.sys driver was designed for a number of video chipsets that are no longer made by Intel.  Anyway, see if this helps>

ialmnt5.sys Driver Error Fix - Windows Blue Screen Error
XXDANXXAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  I'll try these out on Monday and let you know how it goes.
XXDANXXAuthor Commented:
thanks reinstalling the vid card driver fixed it
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