How to forward an msn email address to gmail?

How do I forward a msn email address to my gmail account?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello BlakeISS,

There are several third party programs that will forward your Hotmail mail to Gmail. If you can access Hotmail via Outlook or Outlook Express, you have WebDAV.  If you have WebDAV, use the free Getmail to transfer your Hotmail to Gmail

If you do not have WebDAV, then use this paid transfer program


Hope this helps!
BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
Here is what my screen looks like after I login to msn account and click on options...
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Okay - apparently you can't unless you have a paid account - discussed a little further here....

Unless anyone else knows any tricks. Sorry
I have the option on a non-paid account.  I think you just need to update to the newer interface.  There should be a link somewhere on your hotmail page to go to the newer version.  After upgrading to the newer  (still free) interface i can successfully forward my mail.

Try it and let us know!

BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
I have tried that.  I have tried two different msn accounts.  One that is a paid account and one that is not.  On the paid account it goes to the new interface, however when I sign out of that account and sign in with the non-paid account, it seems to revert to the old/different  interface??  You would think there would be an easy solution, but apparently not.   Any other options to try?
DalamsciusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are some providers out there that do it for you, most are free to start with limited features and want you to pay afterward.  the most popular one i read about is izymail (
I was looking into these a while back but decided not to.  

I see on the screenshot you attached there is an "Upgrade" button, is that to upgrade to the paid version or is there an option to get the new interface?

Are there any buttons in the top right corner that are not visible in your screenshot?
BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
No, nothing else.  The "upgrade" button is for a paid version.  I think I might be out of luck here...
Blake, did you try the suggestions that I posted? Date:11.13.2008 at 05:35PM PST
BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
I don't have outlook and really don't want to do the pay thing.  Thanks for the suggestion though!
war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try using Mail Forward, which has a free trial
BlakeISSAuthor Commented:
I will refuse to pay for a product to have my mail forward to another account. I appreciate all your help in trying to find a solution, but it appears there is no solution unless I have outlook or want to pay for a product that will allow me to.   I will leave this open for the remainder of today and if still no solutions that will meet my needs, I will close it out.  Thanks all!
Google mail now has a mail fetcher, allowing you to automatically import mail from any pop3 account including hotmail  login to google mail: got to settings, then accounts.
Get mail from other accounts: add an account
For hotmail
Pop server:
 Port: 995
Tick the always use secure connection (SSL) when retrieving.
This also works on a free hotmail account.
I know that this is closed, however there is a way to forward your account.

1.  Go to and choose login from the top right of the page.
2.  Login with your msn email (
3.  Choose the "Hotmail" link from the top left of the page
4.  If it doesn't take you to your "inbox" hoover over the Hotmail link and choose inbox from the drop down list.
5.  Once in the Inbox, choose options from the top right of the page
6.  Choose more options
7.  Under the "Managing your account", choose the Email forwarding link
8.  Choose the Forward your mail... radio and enter the email address to which your msn email should be forwarded.
9.  If you want a copy saved in your MSN inbox, choose the check box.
10.  Select the "Done" button...

And you are just that... done.

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