PABX and Circuit Query for office move

I am organising the move of an office in Sydney.

Apparently they have 3 x analogue indial 100 block ranges, the office they are moving to can't take these as its old technology, so we have to go to ISDN PRI as far as I know and I will probably get a new PABX.

Apparently we can't take the number ranges with us either, so my idea is to purchase a Onramp10(10 Channel ISDN PRI as far as I understand it) and get the old number ranges redirected to the new numbers.

Will this work?

Also if you have faxes, modems, does the PABX convert from digital to analogue or do you need to purchase separate analogue lines for this?

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efg-uaeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There can be many Options.
1. if your telecom provider support redirection of numbers, you can simply ask the provider to redirect the old numbers to new numbers.
2. Get the ISDN and Install a Asterisk Server and Put Lines into that and in other office get that Lines to other Server.
3. Fax is Supported over both Digital and analog lines.
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