Mariachi Music? Can you suggest artists?


I like mariachi music, in particular the classical sort. The best part i like about the music is the trumpets.

There is a song which I do not know the name of, and as hard as it would be to try to recite in text. I will use an advertisement that aired on australian TV for a packet of chips many many years ago. I have heard the original song before. The advertisement used the same tune, but changed the words.
"Munch a munchero, munch munch, munch a monchero"
"Munch a muncheeeeeeero, munch a muncheeeeeeero"

If someone knows what that song is, that would be great. However, I am mainly wondering if people can suggest classical and modern Mariachi bands.

I maxed the points to share them out, so please suggest away.

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techvagabondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hahaha, yea it was Also turned into "One-Tonne Rodeo, there goes a One-Tonne Rodeo" for the old Ute ads :D

the song is a Cuban classical song called Guantanamera :D

Something that you may find interesting is the guy that redid the Buena Vista Social Club music back in the late 90s, he has come out with an album of half cuban songs/half top 40 songs. So there are Cuban remixes of Clocks - Coldplay, and songs like that.

Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba - Rhythms Del Mundo

But it sounds like you are after more cuban or latin classical.
Unfortunately I cant really think of any more modern ones off the top of my head.

I bought the Del Mundo album the other night, but havent listened to it yet :D
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
oh yea, i remember "One-Tonne Rodeo"! LOL. Glad you got my text jingle.

thanks for the link to Del Mundo album, i will buy it tonight.
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
*bump* to see if anyone has a comment :)
ValimaiAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot, i love the album!
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