Steps to move GroupWise 6.5 mail and DMS from NetWare 6.5 to Windows 2003?

We currently run GroupWise 6.5 on NetWare 6.5 and will be moving our network to Windows 2003 Server with AD. We are using GroupWise for both email and DMS and would like to move it over.
What are the steps we need to take to move GW and get the email and DMS over to W2K3?
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
CapricaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply, but that's not what I meant. What I'm looking for is a way to keep GroupWise running in an AD environment without NW servers. I understand eDirectory can be installed on AD to facilitate this, but then I need to migrate GW over.
Also, our GroupWise is not just email, we are also using it as a DMS. I have not been able to find much documentation on a move like this, especially pertaining to the DMS.
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
Here is exactly what you need to do (I've done this for many clients with 100% success):

1)  Build the Win2K3 server (I haven't tested GW7 on Win2k8 server but will be doing so this week as I just built my first) and apply your usual set of patches.

2)  In the properties of My Computer go to Advanced | Performance | Settings and turn off/disable DEP by selecting the top radio button (turn on DEP for essential programs and services only).  Then reboot.  If you don't do this, you won't be able to install the GroupWise agents on the Windows server.

3) Install the Novell Client onto your Windows server and after rebooting, login to your Novell server.

4) While all agents are running (so your users aren't interrupted) use a copy utility (I use robocopy or beyond compare) to copy all of your GroupWise data from the domain directory and the post office directory over to your new Windows server.  I call this the "Initial Copy".

5) Install your agents (MTA and POA) and configure them to run as services but to interact with the local desktop (we change that later after we've confirmed everything is working).

6) Using ConsoleOne, change the UNC paths for your domain(s) and post office(s) to be the \\servername\sharename\directory on the Windows server while the agents are running, just before the next step so that the administrative update can process the path changes before the agents are taken down in step 7.

7) In off hours, shutdown all agents and do what I call the "Final Copy" over to the Windows server copying only the files that are newer on the source (NetWare) than on the target (Windows).  This will include all of your DMS storage locations as well.

8) I recommend you use the IP address from the source server (assigning a new one to that server) as an additional IP address on your Windows server so that your clients don't get prompted about finding a new IP address when they go to login the next day.

9) After the POA and MTA are up and running and you can login successfully from a client it will be time to install the GWIA and WebAccess.  Stop the POA and MTA services and go through each of the GWIA and WA installs.  WA needs IIS to be installed first.

As mentioned, I've done this many times from NetWare to Windows or NetWare to Linux or Windows back to NetWare, etc.  I hope the above helps...

Scott Kunau, Sr. Consultant/Partner
Innovative Global Technology Group

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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
One other thing I didn't mention, is that you will need to install eDirectory onto a Windows server and put that Windows server into your eDirectory tree BEFORE you remove your NetWare servers.  All GroupWise schema information will be automatically transferred to your new eDirectory/Windows server.

You can run eDirectory on the same server as you are running an AD domain controller but you'll have to change the LDAP ports from 389 to 390 and 636 to 637 (something different) when installing eDirectory otherwise LDAP won't work and you'll have a variety of problems.  It is best, if you can to run eDirectory/GroupWise on a member server instead of a DC if you can.

Scott Kunau
Have you considered migrating Groupwise and eDirectory to Linux? Novell's OES2 is SuSE Enterprise 10 with all the traditional Netware services ported over.

It would save you the requirement to run a legacy directory service like Active Directory on a legacy OS like Windows.
CapricaAuthor Commented:
alextoft: Yes, Linux has been considered but is not possible due to constraints we're under.

ZENandEmailguy: You solution looks like what we need, it will take a few days to set up and do a dry run - will post how it goes.
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
Alextoft: I would agree as I've moved several NetWare-based GroupWise systems over to OES2-Linux.  eDirectory is in place and NSS volumes (suggested for GroupWise) make management no different than if the GW system is on NetWare.  Novell Cluster Services on either NetWare or OES2-Linux work the same too.

Paulsolov: I'd be happy to help via remote control if you'd like...
CapricaAuthor Commented:
This does the migration nicely. We'll be testing for the next while and if any specific troubleshooting is necessary we'll post under a new question. Thanks again!
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