Do I change MX, Cname or both?

I have a hosting at They host my website, email, ftp etc. Currently I download via POP3 to an Exchange Server. I want to cut the Pop3 off and have it download straight into the Exchange Server.

The hosting site offers me a place to change this information but I am not sure what to change. There is a cname record in there and a mx record. I thought the mx would be what I changed but the cname says on it. What do I do? Also it says for the mx record What do I change? Both none and what do I make them.

Thanks, Edward
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bmdgiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The main point for your email is the MX record..

If you want to be sure you loose no email, you can purchase a software called POPCON
Setup every account under the POPCON, this will send everything to each mailbox in your exchange server...

After that you change your current MX for the exchange server, be sure you open the port on your firewall.

After 48 hours (normal times for DNS replication) remove PoPCon and Voila you have transfert everything to your exchange.

Your CNAME is there only to be able to configure your email software for your pop account..

I would keep the cname, since it is probably the name you want to retain.
Does your exchange server have outgoing SMTP going? this cname may be used for this IP, but is not compulsory.

The MX record however, points to the incoming mail server itself, you can have multiple for redundancy, each with a different priority.
Place your server IP address or cname in the MX record of your exchange servers public IP.
I recommend the IP explicitly.

Hope that helps.
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