Force TS RemoteApp to open spawned process on local machine

Hi Experts,

I have published an application as a TS RemoteApp on a 2008 Server.  If the application launches an external program (eg: an email within outlook provides the user with a URL) is it possible to configure the system so that the URL is opened on the LOCAL computer, instead of spawning a new TS RemoteApp?  I want to be able to have spawned processed executed on the client (desktop) not the server.  I've been searching for a while, but have not found a solution.
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Zak_McKrackenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No response to question.  Closing.
Wondering about this as well.. Not found any solution to this yet either..

Found this on a MS technoet blog conserning similar issue.. :

"since Outlook is the Remote App, it has no visibility into what file formats are understood on the client machine.  It is only aware of what is installed on the Terminal Server.  As an example, since I have Office 2007 loaded on my Terminal Server when I open a .doc file attachment in an email, it opens a REMOTE session of Word.  Similarly, if I send myself a .pdf file, the Terminal Server does not know what to do with the file because I have not installed Adobe Reader or another PDF Viewer program on the Terminal Server.  If I create an empty .pdf and associate that extension with Word (for example) when I try to open the file from a Remote Outlook session - a Remote instance of Word is launched."

If anyone have any solution, if MS has developed something about this issue, - please post it.
Sean RhudyPresidentCommented:
I tried to get this to work, but no luck
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