Looking for Real Time Monitoring for multiple clients (sites)

We are IT consultants with over a dozen clients.  Is there a real time network monitoring solution (like nagios, zenoss, etc) that we can deploy on our servers to monitor all of our clients?  If so, are there any special setup requirements to do something like this.

If this is not possible, what would you recommend be done at each client (site)
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Try Hounddog Software, it is a good product at a reasonable price. It is easy to setup and use. The link is http://www.hounddogiseasy.com/  The best thing they give a 30 day free trial.


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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Kind of depends on what you are monitoring as well...

Big Brother is very good, not the cheapest, and there are lots of add-ons from a "sub-community", http://bb4.com/product.asp

then there is another - and I am very impressed with this organisation, find myself tripping over them ALL the time... http://manageengine.adventnet.com/products/opmanager/server-monitoring.html?gclid=COipoo2q9JYCFRsRagodJgItYQ


(was that an echo ?)

www.solarwinds.com - easy to use , a lot graphic easy to read/analize info
Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring

Identify excessive bandwidth utilization or unexpected application traffic with SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack.

peshih7Author Commented:
Ideally this solution should be open source as well.

Thanks for all the input so far!

Also, can we monitor remote sites (other clients, different domains, etc) all from one central location (our servers)
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Yep, those two I posted can do - that is what I tought you were after :)

for free ? there is http://www.sysaid.com/  - haven't used it, but some people absolutely swear by it - not so sure the free version will do everything you need...

then open source : http://www.nagios.org/   or  http://www.groundworkopensource.com/products/

there are a few others, but you can probably google for those...

There is a lot of "open source", and would be reasonble use them before, but now , with C# and Winserver+ SQL combo you can achive very easy, not to be bottered with free sources.
You do need developer who can utilize those tools, most of them already "built-in".
And you can choose graphic map - either Adobe,Visio, www.nwood.com - there all have option makes map object "alive" , SQL can utilize "reporting services" to post statiscis on Winserver website.
Open source on othr hand, will give those puzzle combine already, but will force to set up all those services sepearatly- i.e. Samba or Apache, SQL or MySQL and so on.......base to which services their particular Open source SNMP managment is "attached to".
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
there is also a thread - dare I say it - elsewhere : http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/12009443/m/544002040831
Not www.nwood.com, but www.nwoods.com  and www.dundas.com , as well get "powerSNMP for ActiveX and .net"  - www.dart.com
peshih7Author Commented:
Thanks a lot.  I am looking into all of these suggestions.  I am liking that arstechnica thread so far.

I will digest this info, but keep the recommendations coming!
Hands down, the best remote monitoring solution available to Managed Services Providers is Zenith Infotech's SAAZ Platform. There is a per-device charge, but the value you get from their service far outweighs the cost.

More information can be found here: http://www.zenithinfotech.com/desktop_sol.asp
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