Cannot send from a distribution group in Exchange/Outlook.

We have a group called AB. This is an Exchange group with a select number of people in the group. As the administrator, I can open Outlook, display the FROM area of the email and send to someone from the email. However, others receive an error from the server stating "You do not have permission to send to this recipient.  For assistance, contact your system administrator." The user states she was able to do this on the old exchange server (recently migrated from a different domain), but in the new domain, she cannot. The old server is online and I have access to view all exchange and AD information. I have compared the AD account and group to be exactly the same, yet she still cannot send from the email. What would you suggest?
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aherpsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try after going to this point:

Active Directory->[server].local

Going to View -> Check Advanced Features.

Continue with procedure


Active Directory->[server].local

In the toolbar, Action->Find

Look to ensure entire directory is selected.  Find the Group name you want to allocate control to someone else.

Double click on the user/group.  Select the "Security" Tab.

In the settings, add the user who you want to allocate permissions to.

In their permissions, ensure "Send As" is checked.
byrianrAuthor Commented:
There is not a security tab on the groups. Nor do I see the place to send as.
byrianrAuthor Commented:
See attached screen shot of the tabs for the groups.
byrianrAuthor Commented:
Excellent. Thank You.
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