Unable to Install SQL Standard Edition on Server without receiving an error.

Hello ---

We are adding a new server to a cluster.  Trying to install SQL 2005 to node but continue to receive an error when nearing the last of the installation:  

The setup has encountered an unexpected error while Setting Internal Properties.  The Error is:  183
The a small popup window appears:  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Setup:  Invalid Drive D:\

There is not a D drive associated with this server.

Server works fine
Main node is A and failover is B?
but no D drive anywhere in the mix
A and B worked fine
Added C
Wanted to pair up B and C
Keep getting the above error when nearing completion of the installation.

Need to find a resolution..  Anyone else have this problem?

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haramsdeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Standard Edition only supports 2 nodes.
SQLwatcherAuthor Commented:
I figured that out and suggested the NT admin install Enterprise Edition.  The issue has been resolved but very painfully.  Thank you
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