what is the diffrence between runlevel '1' and runlevel 'S' in Solaris ?

How do we differentiate between runlevel 'S' and runlevel '1' in Solaris. What is the working difference ?
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There is no difference.
Run level S is single user mode. This run level does not allow remote logins of other users, and makes an attempt to mount all the file systems for the performance of administrative tasks

Run level 1 is similar to run level s. Run level 1 is an administrative run level, however, it also allows remote logins. Again, this administrative mode makes an effort to mount all available file systems.

Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
In general, run level 1 is a more primitive state, preventing all but the bare minimum of services from running. Run level S is much more advanced, but only allows root to login so that root is free to do administrative tasks without worrying about affecting other users or having what they are doing cause problems.
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from the 2nd link, I could tell that it has to do with which file systems are mounted.
Level 1-- root slice is mounted and rest of the file system are in umounted state..
/-- mounted

rest are unmounted by DEFAULT
external drives

level s -whole file system (all slices) are in mounted state by DEFAULT

Most of admins uses -S option .. and unmount slices individually and work on them

hope this help ..

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