I need to embed another exe in my own console application in C++

Hi experts,
I have created an application using c++, but now from my application i want to run another exe, but i want to embed this exe in my own project as a resource file.
Can i do it, if yes, can someone post a sample code, or logic as to how should i do it?
any pointers wil also be helpful

I am using VS2005

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trinitrotolueneDirector - Software EngineeringCommented:
you can invoke as follows:

just replace the C: with the path to the executable you want to run

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LearningCppAuthor Commented:
that is not what i am looking for.
Currently i have one exe on my machine ,say sleep.exe, from my VS2005 project i want to embed this exe in my project and create my own application mayapp.exe, and now i should have exe to run on another machine, which can do what myapp wants to do and also use sleep without having sleep on the other machine
Can't you just copy the code for sleep.exe into your mayapp project ?

If you really need to embed the exe, then is it an option to just embed it as a resource, and when it'll be used, copy the resource into an actual file, and then call that executable ?
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Take a look at http://www.codeproject.com/KB/winsdk/selfextract.aspx ("Pure WIN32 Self-Extract EXE Builder") - it demonstrates how to extract any resource to disk (and a lot more) and comes with full sample code.

After extracting it to disk, you can run the executable any way you want, e.g. like
DWORD ExecuteAndWaitForCompletion   (   LPSTR   pszCmd, BOOL bShow)
	STARTUPINFO         si;
	BOOL                bRes;
	DWORD               dwCode  =   0;
	MSG				   msg;
	ZeroMemory  (   &si,    sizeof  (   STARTUPINFO));
	si.cb           =   sizeof  (   STARTUPINFO);
	si.dwFlags      =   STARTF_USESHOWWINDOW;
	si.wShowWindow  =   bShow ? SW_SHOWNORMAL : SW_HIDE;
	bRes    =   CreateProcess   (   NULL,
	while   (   WAIT_OBJECT_0   !=  MsgWaitForMultipleObjects   (   1,
			   while   (   PeekMessage (   &msg,   NULL,   0,  0,  PM_REMOVE))
						   DispatchMessage     (   &msg);
	GetExitCodeProcess  (   pi.hProcess,    &dwCode);
	CloseHandle (   pi.hProcess);
	CloseHandle (   pi.hThread);
	return  (   dwCode);

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LearningCppAuthor Commented:
Not exactly i was looking for, but jkr always gives me some more technical explanation.
Its a great article, so points for the same
>> Not exactly i was looking for

Then you don't have to close the question, and can just ask for clarification where needed.
Note also that I asked you a few questions to which you never responded. Those responses were necessary to give you the best help possible.
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