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Impact of rollback

i would like to know.
1. if a table is dropped can this statement be rolled back?
2. If in sql plus ROLLBACK is written does it mean that whatever was the previous statement that will be rolled back? (no savepoitn defined)
3. Supposing a ROLLBACK is done on sql plus prompt. and on the side line lot of other applications are using the database...does this rollback on this sql plus impact there also?
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2 Solutions
1. No
2. All the statements until the previous COMMIT or ROLLBACK will be rolled back.
3. No. A rollback statement impacts only the changes made in the current session. You cannot rollback changes done by other transactions.
Further explain on 1)
rollback is applicable only to Data manipulation commands(INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE).
You cannot rollback a Data Definition Language(e.g. drop/truncate/alter etc)
samir25Author Commented:
oh so if a table is dropped there is no way to rollback...

thansk a lot for the explanations.
In 10g there is a concept called recycle bin. see this link for more details.

johnsoneSenior Oracle DBACommented:
You cannot roll back a table drop.  However using flashback areas and/or logminer, you may be able to recover the table.

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