Active Directory Split/Not Exchange

Currently Have:

1) Domain A ---- Trust ---- Domain B
2) Domain A Houses All Users & Email
3) Domain B Is New

I want to move some of the users from Domain A over to Domain B.  This will require:

1) Create/Duplicate Current Domain A Account  in Domain B (Need to Keep Permissions & Group Memberships)
2) Leave Existing Account (Associated With E-Mail) in Domain A & Disable It.
3) Set Associated External Account Permission For Mailbox.

Is there a way to do this automated?
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Darksied9Author Commented:
I have read everything on ADMT and believe this is the best option, I just can't be sure that it can automate the disabling of the old accounts and setting the Associated External Account attribute on the them...
I do not think you need to disable anything from the old domain, all the users will be moved to the new as long as you have everything in place
Darksied9Author Commented:
In order to tie Exchange in the old domain to the users in the new domain, you have to keep an account in the old domain for the mailbox, disable the account for the mailbox and in the security permissions set the Associated External Account to be the new account in the new domain.  This is the typical setup for AD with Exchange in a resource trust...  Just not sure if the tool will do this automatically.
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