my system is very slow while starting

Dear Sir ,
 i have a pc of gigabit chipset motherboard  p4 with 4 gb of ram , 80 gb sata harddisk and having windows xp pro sp 2, while starting the pc it boots very slowly takes approximately 5 minutes to boot up , and after booting winodws run properly without any error , kindly help to resolve this issue .
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Look at startup programs slowing you down.  Stop running unneccesary ones on bootup may help

It will be either in Start Button->Al Programs->Startup

Or you can try:
Start-> Run-> Type msconfig

Look under the startup tab.

If they aren't there:


Look for the service name, double click and change to startup: Manual.

be careful not to disable any critical processes though
There is some excellent advice to follow in these articles>

"My computer is too slow!" and other gripes. Question about running accurate hardware diagnostics on PCs, OR NOT!.

and ..."Optimise XP":

also .. "Restore Your Computer's Performance with Windows XP":
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If you use the SCU (msconfig) as already suggested more than once, you may find these links useful>

These describe the function of each program in the SCU:               
Are you running a Symantec AV system(s) perhaps?

If your Startup problem remains unresolved, this MS article should help>

"Advanced troubleshooting for general startup problems in Windows XP":;en-us;308041
sanjeevkmrsAuthor Commented:
Dear sir , i think ther eis some misunderstanding , actually my system is slow while booting i.e the white bar which come at down when we start system (before windows xp logo comes ), here only the system is slow after it when logo comes for windows xp it boots normaly and even i am not fasing any problem while working in xp .
Sam CohenConsultant to Digital/DeveloperCommented:
Try to get rid of the startup program in the registry and in the services to stop services.


click start>run   Type"regedit"
There is 2 places:
First place:
Click the plus (+) HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE > Software> Microsoft >windows>currentversion
Then click on "Run" you should see a list of programs that start up on boot on the right panel. Delete the ones you want. I usually delete all of them except the Antivirus exe.

Second place:
HKEY_LOCAL_USERS > software> microsoft >windows>currentversion
then click on "Run" you should see a list of programs, do the same thing.

I usually save these places as favorites

Services Page:

Right-click on MyComputer and choose "Manage."
Next click "Services"
There is a list of servicse that start automatically, sort by the one started.
Be careful, Make sure you know what you are wanting to stopped or disable.
If you need help on this , goto:

Download these 2 programs.


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Could you confirm please whether you are running a Symantec antivirus system, or do you have more than one antivirus or Malware application running simultaneously?
Which Firewall do you have, Windows or ZoneAlarm, or ?

So that we can really see what is going on in your pc, may i suggest you run Trend HijackThis 2.02:

Create a folder where you would like the HijackThis file to reside and run it from there, not from the Desktop or a temporary folder.
Run the scan & save the logfile.  Then click the "Attach Code Snippet" box, paste the logfile into the "Code Snippet" page & there we can analyse it.  

sanjeevkmrs  ... if your problem remains unresolved and you are convinced your pc is not infected, try the System File Checker>
Start>Run       .. and then type >>
SFC /scannow

"How to use the scannow sfc tool in Windows XP":

If no improvement you may wish to consider a repair install, *if* you get no further comments.  Here is a popular link for the repair>
sanjeevkmrsAuthor Commented:
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