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Folks, my GX-710 has a very limited number of settings that one may control in BIOS. I can not for ex. disable SATA controller and basically I am limited to boot sequence settings and some other. Is there any way how to obtain full featured BIOS version with advance settings, or do I have to stick for what MSI provide as the latest BIOS for my machine?
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you have only access to what they put on the site.
Barring that - you can start, at your own risk to mod the bios, so :
>>   Is there any way how to obtain full featured BIOS version with advance settings,    <<   Not that i know
>>   or do I have to stick for what MSI provide as the latest BIOS for my machine?   <<    Yes
shennAuthor Commented:
A while ago I tried to buy new BIOS from who sell updated BIOSes. I had a good experience with them providing BIOS updates to older PCs. Automated scan shown that they have a BIOS update for my notebook, but later in e-mail (and after I paid for update) they written that unfortunatelly the BIOS is not available and provided refund. So maybe I just wait or give it up, becuase from technical point of view I am not a fan of modding, overclocking and stuff like this. What I thought of AMI, Phoenix and other BIOSes, is that these are platform/chipset specific and thus a different BIOS can be loaded as long as it supports my CPU, chipset and type of flash on my Mobo...
no -  the bios is always bound to the motherboard

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Modifying BIOS is not that simple, you need source code of it.

The limitations you encounter due to updating to a beta version, if come back to last released version then you'll get all the features, although all the features are included in beta but not controllable by user.
shennAuthor Commented:
Mc7400 you are right, it is not missing features, but missing way to controll behaviour of these. So do the companies like eSupport build BIOSes for your motherboard from source code from AMI/Phoenix/Award and information about your hardware based on system scan by Activex control on their web pages (similar like DriverAgent finds your PCI DEV codes to search for missing drivers)? And the control over such features are missing even in the original BIOS shipped with notebook, and 2.01 version is latest stable relase, not beta.
Not sure about your particular notebook, but in general they do what I've told you.

Really it is a strange case, anyhow here is a hint which may helps you:
Get even the earlier BIOS, which could be had the option you like to change, upload it, make the sittings you like, then back to the final release but when you upload the final release don't reset the BIOS as the software suggests, it should stay as you left it suppose disabled sata. But the hassle of updating the BIOS and chances of spoiling the system may prevent many of doing that, I've done that many times and making the final updating into beta, so if you've updated the BIOS many times before then give it a try, hope it would solve your problem; But if it is the first time then please don't do it.

Just remember don't reset the BIOS, or you have to go through the procedure from the beginning


shennAuthor Commented:
Thanks folks, latelly I was able to flash version 2.05 that is intended for different notebook model, but both models share same motherboard hardware (rev. 171A). Although there are no new "contrallable" features, there is a sweet bonus, my notebook now support 4GB of total RAM, as opposed to original notebook and BIOS specs (2x 1GB only).  
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