Exception handling via output parameter in SP in cognos8

When a stored procedures is called in a report, how do you handle exception handling you can add in the PL/SQL when an error has occurred?
Can cognos handle output parameters? If yes, what is the syntax in the stored procedure to generate it and send it back?
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fierskenAuthor Commented:
I will close the question as it has not given anything back that I can use to make it work.
For a stored procedure to be used by Cognos, it needs to return a single dataset .  There is no mechanism on the Cognos side to handle anything else.
fierskenAuthor Commented:
Does this mean you can only have the out/in refcursor for the resultset and not for the exception handling in the stored procedure, even if you give back the resultset columns with '0' as content?

I don't understand why cognos treats a stored procedure differently.

Also no chance for an output parameter?
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