Problem installing PDT All in One 1.0.3 for Eclipse on Ubuntu

I am trying to install the PDT for Eclipse on Ubuntu.

I went to help --> software updates --> find and install --> search for new features to install

I added two new sites:

Name: Europa Discovery Site

Name: PDT Project

I click finish to start getting the updates and select a mirror. It starts installing the PDT SDK Feature but then gets held up and gives me this error:

Unable to access " ".
Error parsing site stream. [The XML stream is not a valid default "site.xml" file. The root tag is not site.]

Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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GnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you download the file in a browser (firefox)? Does it look/get treated as "valid XML"?
There might be a caching issue, so making sure you load it afresh (perhaps by "shift-clicking reload, so that FF adds headers to instruct any cache to reload).

-- Glenn
ckehoeAuthor Commented:
Will give that a try when i get home tonight. Thanks GNS!
ckehoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Glenn,

Looks like it was just a chaching issue!
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