I cant see any files in recycle bin yet folder shows 1.2 GB


i have a server which is quite low on space in the c partition, and when i look at directory sizes using tree size i can see that the recycle bin has 1.2GB of storage -yet when i explore to it i see nothing (show all files is enabled) ! how can i get rid of these files?

also can any one advise on a fail proof method of expanded the C partition?
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Try right hand clicking on the recycle bin and select properties.

From there you move the slider "Maximum size of Recycle Bin (percent of each drive)" to 0% ad that will empty the bin.

Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
It might also be an idea to move your pagefile from C:\ if it is on that partition. This would free up some space quickly for you.

Do you have shadow copy running? If so is that saving to C:\

Also have a read through this page here:

Managing Your Server's Boot Drive

Regarding expanding your partition:

Acronis makes a product (Disk Director Suite 10.0)  that claims to support Server 2003:

How to use Diskpart.exe to extend a data volume in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows 2000
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
done tha Mr-Madcowz but it did not reduce file size at all

paging is on the D partition, and shadow copies are disabled!
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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:

try these links

Differences Between the Recycle Bin and the Recycler Folder

Files Are Not Deleted From Recycler Folder

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Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:

did any of those links/further information work?
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
hi Mr-Madcowz

sorry i forgot to post back

i tried the links but they did not solve my issue either

i browsed to recycler using cmd prompt, but dir would not show me contents of the folderhence i couldnt delete! - the data is probably from recycle bins from profiles b4 we moved domain!
meteorelecAuthor Commented:
i just purchased tree size professional and it let me browse to the recycler and delete all the data immediatly! best 30 quid i ever spent!

i will give your solutions the points mad cowz as they got me on right track
Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
Good news, and thanks for the points.
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