Office 2000 suported and working under Terminal Server 2008?!?

Our clients are working on terminals and recently we made the switch from Citrix to Terminal Server 2008. So far so good. The decision was made to stay with the current office version of office 2000 and we now experience some issues with this in terms of macro's not working etc..

Does anybody has experience with office 2000 under terminal server 2008. and also would anybody advice this methode or is it better to move to a new office version (with very good valid reasons of course since its a budget thing that we kept with office 2000).

already thnx for the help and replies.

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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Hi Rogier,

Office 2000 is old software, and was barely designed to work with Windows XP, let alone Windows Vista or Server 2008. I am not surprised you are experiencing issues with it, which is probably for a few reasons:

*Terminal Services was new back when it was released, so the Office 2000 installation may not be aware it is working in a multiple-user environment, and that can cause many issues.
*Office 2000 was not designed for Vista, and never was. As I said, Windows XP wasn't even released back then, so that would be another major factor for it not working.

Office 2003 with the latest Service Pack does work with Server 2008 and Vista, so that would be the minimum I suggest you upgrade to. However, if you want the latest software which means you won't need to upgrade for many years, I'd go for Office 2007. Bear in mind you will need a Volume License Key to install Office on your Terminal Server. You CANNOT go and buy a set of licenses for Office as OEM/Retail boxes, and then try to install, since the Terminal Server will error as described in It must be a Volume License CD key.

I would not expect Microsoft to release another Service Pack to upgrade Office 2000 and make it work with Vista - that is highly unlikely. It is 8 - 9 years old now, and reaching the end of Microsoft's support lifetime period.

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