Breaking Exchange 2007 Single Copy Cluster

Have two Exchange 2007 servers running on WIndows 2003 and configured as SCC, using an HP MSA1500 SAN. We are going for CCR and hence is there any way by which I can break the cluster and make it a single Exchange Server without any downtime.

I know that we can introduce the CCR into the existing SCC setup and move the mailboxes. But, we have purchased the certificates for autodiscover, owa etc and it has the clustered exchange name and I want to re-use the cert. So, I need to break the cluster, make it a single one and introduce a new CCR with the same cluster name.

Hope it makes sense.
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AmitTankConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you need to move the mailboxes and other data from it first.
Its not possible I think...
Why don't you go for a temp stand-alone server, move all the mailboxes on it and move them to CCR once it is ready.
rajithjoseAuthor Commented:
So, we can't break the SCC cluster at all?
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