My MS Word 2003 document is not properly conveting to a PDF

I'm attempting to convert a word document 2003 into a PDF.  Everything looks great, however, some of my hyperlinks are NOT working once they are converted into a PDF.   They merely appear as underlined text.  

These hyperliniks were all created the same way in MS word and I can even copy the good "working" hyperlink to replace the non-working hyperlink and the formerly good hyperlink now suddenly, in the new location, does not work.   BTW, the new location is NOT a wierd place in the document.  it's just in the middle of another nearby paragraph.

Also, I'm using the PDF creator icon. I am not using the "PRINT TO PDF" option.
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Shanmuga SundaramConnect With a Mentor Director of Software EngineeringCommented:
If you are using mac os then it will not work. if you use windows then you should configure the PDF Makers to convert the Hyperlinks:

Adobe PDF: Change Conversion Settings

In the Settings tab at the bottom, select Add Links to Adobe PDF.

or else try saving it as rtf and then create pdf.

These links also should help you & hp?id=1843
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