while writing excel file using oracle plsql onto other machine in windows server getting error as invalid file operation?

create or replace directory authfile_test as '\\172:17:89:82\authfile';
I used this directory in my plsql procedure to write excel file on this machine.

Please note that, operating system is windows and 172:17:89:82 is another machine.
but while excution  getting error invalid file operation.

I tried the same thing on same server and succeed to generate file without any error, but whilw trying to create file onto aother server i got  above error.

Please tell me, is there any network setting or permission need to give to solve this problem.
can we create directory with ip address of another  machine ?
for example \\172:17:89:82\authfile';
Please provide sample example and how to give all rights to write file at other machine not at oracle database server.
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MarkusIdConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Make sure that the os-user who starts the windows-service
for the oracle-db on the oracle db server has the privileges
to write into the directory on the other server.

johnsoneConnect With a Mentor Senior Oracle DBACommented:
Wouldn't the IP need to contain periods and not colons?
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