How can I safely remove a redundant FRS replica set ?

Dear xperts

I have a server that I am trying to replicate using DFS to another server (also running DFS).  The problem is that it won't replicate because it says that this overlaps with an exisiting FRS replica set.

I did some digging and found what I believe is the offending replica set in the AD, here are the details:

\\our domain name\system\File Replication Service\DFS Volumes\Users\FRS Repica Set

What I want 2 know is can I safely remove this replica from within this section of the AD and will that "free up" FRS and release the replica set for DFS replication ?

This is urgent so if you can comment ASAP it would really be appreciated - this is a production server so I am a bit nervous about making this modification to the Active Directory without being 100% !

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readydaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if this is what you might be looking for, but it is worth a look... Maybe some of the steps could be used to get rid of the particular replica set?

Can anyone else confirm this?

richardstuartpowellAuthor Commented:
Useful advice.
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