Saved Excel Import to a Table

I have set up a saved excel import to a table in MS Access.

i download the information  in a CSV format  (example -' all accounts 11.11.08.csv') and save as an excel file called 'statement'

i have set up a saved import to find the excel file 'statement' saved in a specific folder.
i then run the saved import and it works fine until i download the next csv file, save over the original statement excel file - again calling it 'statment'

when i run the saved import it gives me an error

'all accounts 11.11.08 is not a valid name, Make sure it does not contain invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not to long.

it seems to be looking for the orignal name of the downloaded csv file rather than the renamed 'statement' excel file.
i have checked the path of the file it is using in the saved import and it is looking for the correct 'statment' file.

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therealmongooseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the import specification - it sounds like it is looking for a worksheet name rather than a file name...
7softsteveAuthor Commented:
thanks that was a great help.
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