WPA2 option not available in Group Policy Object Editor

I have deployed a 802.1x wireless solution for our laptops.  This is all up and running with WPA.

I'd like to implement WPA2.  I can configure the XP Clients manually to use WPA2 and this connects and works.  

However, in Group Polocy Object Editor on our 2003 Server, I edit our wireless group policy object, go into
Computer Settings > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Wireless Network (IEE 802.11) Policies
and edit our Wireless Policy from there.

When I do this within the wireless properties the options for 'Wireless Network Key' only provides the following Network Authentication Types.

-Open, -Shared- WPA or -WPA-PSK,   there is no option shown to WPA2.  My initial thought is that we need an updated ADM template but I have been unable to find one.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.
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You should be able to customize your ADM files as needed, though some changes are really 'Preferences' rather than 'Policy'. i.e. you set the default at logon with a GPO, but the user is still able to change it during the session if there's nowhere in policy to lock down that setting.

See http://www.petri.co.il/adding_new_administrative_templates_to_gpo.htm
nationalschoolAuthor Commented:
We managed to do it from a 2008 box in the end, connecting in to the 2003 DC that had the policy on .  (note the 2008 server wasn't actually a DC).  A shame Microsoft haven't made it easier but it works now.

nationalschoolAuthor Commented:
Also, looks if so you could do this by making your own custom ADM.  All OK now.
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