Can not create appointments in MS Outlook 2003

purpleski used Ask the Experts™
I am unable to create appointments or open existing appointments in Outlook 2003 and it is very urgent that I am able to do so.

Does anybody have any ideas.  
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Could the permissions on your Calendar folder have been changed.
Rightclick the folder and select 'Properties' . Do you have a permissions tab. If so waht level of permissions does it give you.


What are the syptoms of your problem. When you try to create an appointment, what error do you get. ditto when you open an existing apointment?

.. I presume you have tried restarting your PC
.. do you use custom forms at all - could it be a custom form issue


Dooh what an idiot I am for ever telling friends and relations that the first thing they should do is restart the computer.  My mother died Saturday so I am a bit in a spin.

DavidT543 you get the points
Sorry to hear about your Mother. I'm glad we got to teh bottom of it quickly

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