Microsoft Enterprise solution 4.0

This regarding a method in Enterprise Library Data layer, it is below. In this what is the 4th parameter? i.e int size ? What I have to pass into this ? If output parameter is string than what I have to pass? If output parameter is boolean then what I have to pass? If output parameter is integer then what I have to pass for as 4th parameter?

public void AddOutParameter (
    DbCommand command,
    string name,
    DbType dbType,
    int size)

I know first 3, but what I have to pass in 4th one, pl see below.

dbFSKL.AddOutParameter(cmdFSKL, "v_num", DbType.Int16, ??);
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Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
try to give the value like for int16 - 2 and for int32 - 4 and for a varchar 10 - 10
it says size but what size is not mentioned, i tried msdn but no answers
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