Does Edge contacts another HT if one of HT is heavily loaded

Does Edge Server contacts another HT server if one of HT server within same site is not responding or heavily loaded.
Or we need hardware load balancer or any other approach to achiveve this goal..
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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Edge subscription is subscribed for the AD site and not individal HT servers in a site.
so if 1 HT stops working then the Edge will contact another HT in the same site provided the 2nd HT server existed at the time when the subscription was created.
Also at any given point of time only 1 HT from an AD site can communicate with the Edge server.
it will not contact the other HT because the communication between HT and Edge takes place via a secure self signed cert, so the other HT will not authenticate
That is the reason the Edge service needs to be subscribed for.
The point is the Ht and edge in an enviornment is bound by a self signed certificate hence other Ht will not authinticate.
That is wht we need to subscribe for the service. If the HT goes down you would need a new subscription & import it in the new HT
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