Intel Video driver needed- 945GM/950

I have tried no such luck though. I am desperately in need of this video driver.
On details are
Ven: 8086
Dev: 27A6

Chip Number: 945GM
Chip Description: Intel 945GM/950
Notes: Found on the MSI-1024 (M662)

This is a follow up for a similar question I asked yesterday - my laptop is a Sony vaio, which was purchased in China. The model is not listed on the sony website.
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Driver for ----->

windows vista? xp? linux?
unrealone1Author Commented:

Driver is for XP.
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Maybe we can walk through and find the drivers from the manufacturers...
1. Right Click on My Computer, Left click on Manage.
2. Click on Device Manager, you should notice on the right hand side icons with a yellow symbol next to them, this shows the device is unknown, or drivers are not installed.
3. Right click a device you are looking for, left click on properties.
4. Click on the Details tab on the top of the menu that popped up.
5. You should see some code in the middle that looks similar to this:
The important peices are:
  VEN_14E4    is    Vendor 14E4
  DEV_169C    is    Device 169C    for     Vendor    14E4

You can take this information to the website and find the specific device information for the drivers, then go to the manufacturer website and see if they make drivers for Windows XP, some hardware is Vista specific and the manufacturer's do not have driver support for Windows XP.

*Once you are in the Vendor and are searching for the Device you can hold CTRL and press 'F'.
-This is the Find feature, type in the Device ID and it will find it much quicker, since some pages are quite long.

Hope this helps!

You appear to have a stock answer that you give to all driver questions without necessarily reading the question. In this instance, the asker has already provided the Vendor and Dev information you request as part of the question.

It might be worth your while to actually *read* the questions, and the answers that have been given before yours, before simply cutting and pasting a set of instructions that may have already been suggested by another expert or may be unnecessary because the asker has already provided the information.


jajaja you are right souseran..
I was downgrading a Gateway MA7 model ML6232. The Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset would simply not work. I downloaded ver 7, 8 and 9 of the software from Intel's site but no luck. FInally I found this post and the link given by souseran. The link is no longer active, but you can still download it off their site from here:

It is version 6 of the same software and actually works. For others looking for a solution, here is the device info that was failing with newer versions of the driver on Windows XP:
VEN_8086 DEV_27A2
VEN_8086 DEV_27A6
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