Mod rewrite only domain name display on url?


my link

i want to when i click in alink url be or i dont want to show parameters in url.

how can i do itis with mod_Rewrite , apache or php.

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Save the file as .htaccess and place it on your root directory.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^(.+)/([0-9]+)/?$ user_detail.php?category_id=$1&user_id=$2
phparmyAuthor Commented:
but i need for all of my pages be like that not for specific pages.

sometimes can be  user_detail.php?id=1&category_id=2&name=Joe&exc.... or products.php?a=1&b[2]=1

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Use multiple rewrite rule according to your need
For this question to be answered you first need to have your requirements finalized.

Do you not want parameters in the url, or just not as a query string(query string is the questionmark and anything after: page.php?variables)

What are your preferred urls? Can you specify them?

1){username} --> maps to user.php?username=username
2){username} --> maps to profiles.php?username=username
3) ... etc

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phparmyAuthor Commented:
i dont want to show query string in url.  i want clean only nothing user can see in url. is it possible.

i see it in .net projects. there is nothing on url. but site works correctly.
You would have to use only POST request i guess or AJAX/Flash/Flex.
I think Roonan is correct. Create a frontpage and use Ajax or Flex Technology, or use an Iframe.
phparmyAuthor Commented:
i have solution for that. i encrypt urls and then again decrypt it for use.  mcrypt extension is good for that. but i am searching for like in .net projects when clicking any link you see its information in window.status but urls are clean. how they do it. is it posibble to do with mod_rewrite.  i dont want to use ajax and frame.
phparmyAuthor Commented:
Thanks everybody i cant found any solution. I will open this question later.
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